Tony Hanson, owner and music producer of Fenix Studios, has been in the industry for over 20+ years working on projects that span the scope from Billboard charts, to celebrity artists, to network television. Through it all though, was the story telling and world building he began at the age of 8. Creating has always been one his major passions and in the last few years, it has become a reality, as Tony has been able to Dungeon Master on several popular podcasts, and comic stores. Now on Audio Dungeon, Tony is excited to bring his story telling to a whole new level. Always energetic and passionate, he weaves an intricate world in a customized style of DMing that will leave you curious to know more!

Dan discovered his love for all things creative, including D&D, in college and has loved performing ever since! Table-top-adventuring for almost 20 years is only one of the ways Dan expresses his love for fantasy and sci-fi (and professional wrestling) related. As a trained voiceover performer,  being coached by VO veterans Alyson Steel and Lisa Biggs, he loves creating and voicing interesting characters. Dan is itching to bring his skills to Audio Dungeon to help create a welcoming, entertaining environment for everyone who shares a love for all things nerdy.








Vinny was introduced to the game by an early childhood friend, and has been playing D&D, as well as various other roleplaying games, for just over 30 years now. He enjoys everything geek- be it cheesy sci-fi and horror movies, MMORPG videogaming, tabletop board games or anything in between. Over the past 10 years, Vinny has dabbled in slowly mastering the craft of creating miniature terrain and miniature paintings, and is hoping to showcase some of his work on Audio Dungeon!

Tom began writing and performing on stage in high school, and has continued over the years, both for fun and to stretch those important creative muscles! He began playing D&D almost 20 years ago, and has loved sic-fi, fantasy, mysteries, and comic books pretty much all his life. He looks forward to sharing those passions and the fun that comes with them, through Finndelar, as he adventures through the Audio Dungeon.








Brooke enjoys the fun improv and voice work that comes with being part of the Audio Dungeon crew. She began performing for her family as a child, being drawn to the theater at a young age. She’s a Meisner trained actress, who attended The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, SFT (School for Film and Television). Brooke is also a trained vocalist and voice actress, coached by notable talents such as Pete Mattaliano, Amy Marcs, Robert Pietri, Neal Lerner and Lane Binkley. Although she is new to D&D, Brooke has always wanted to take part in a quest and now she’s living the dream- playing with her friends and being able to share some cool and funny characters with you all! She can’t wait to take you on the journey with her as she explores Andaria.

A native New Yorker, Damian has a wide range of interests including music, video games, cinema, art, pop culture and baseball. He started playing D&D around 15 years ago and has played almost exclusively with Tony Hanson as DM. An avid Star Wars fan, he has attended conventions and curates a modest collection of memorabilia. Unbeknownst to most but knownst to some, he has dabbled in live theater, TV and film production, martial arts, archery, web development, and astrophysics. Since high school, Scro has played drums and bass with various original and cover bands. Damian is a music teacher and manager at Castellano's House of Music. He is excited to be part of the Audio Dungeon crew and hopes to share the adventure of imagination with viewers.







A Dungeons & Dragons player for over 30 years, Rob holds the distinction of having the longest running PC in previous quests of Andaria, the 75th level cleric, Ransber. As an aficionado of all types of role-playing and strategy games, Rob brings a uniquely dramatic and unpredictable playing style to Audio Dungeon.