What Makes D&D Podcasts Stand Out?

The answer is our hilarious and outstanding hosts!


The crew of Audio Dungeon are some of the most energetic and entertaining hosts out of all of the D&D podcasts. If you like D&D shows like Critical Role, you’ll love our crew!


Our cast spans everything from professional actors to trained voice over talent. Each of our episodes is totally unique and driven by our love of tabletop RPGs. We’ve all been playing D&D since our earliest years and that love of exploration and story is in each and every episode we record.


The best D&D podcasts are hosted by people who love tabletop gaming. Our crew has been deeply invested in tabletop RPGs for their whole lives. Each member of our cast and crew is dedicated to producing the best media we can. Our talent comes from years of experience as actors, voice artists, and media producers. We bring all of that unique energy into each and every episode we record. If you’re looking for a D&D podcast to listen to like Critical Role, we’re what you’ve been looking for!


We stream our live show every week and you can find our catalog episodes online to catch up with our exciting adventures!