Playing Tabletop Games With Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy Grounds is one of the best ways to make tabletop RPGs work over long distances. This unique program gives us the ability to play all of our favorite tabletop games and live stream them as we play. Just like other shows, such as Glass Cannon Podcast, we are always working to improve our tech to make sure your viewing experience is always the best that it can be.


Fantasy Grounds gives gamemasters a powerful set of tools to run their tabletop games with. Fantasy Grounds comes with everything you'd expect from a powerful online tool for running tabletop games. You'll find dice rolling, character sheets, as well as customizable grid maps. This alone is enough to make Fantasy Grounds well worth anyone's time, but there are a few more standard features that make it really great.


With Fantasy Grounds you have access to officially licensed contact from some of the biggest tabletop games out there like Dungeons & Dragons and Call of Cthulhu. This officially licensed content streamlines campaigns and helps gamemaster's create the best experiences that they can. Fantasy Grounds also automates dice rolling and has integrated rule books which makes running campaigns a breeze.


Fantasy Grounds let you pause and save games on the fly. This way you can recreate campaigns mid-session without worrying about losing positioning or information. The integrated rule books and manuals make it easier than ever for gamemasters to do quick rule checks and find the important information they needed to keep their game going. Fantasy Grounds is a powerhouse for putting together streaming content for tabletop games.


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