When did Audio Dungeon first release?

March 20, 2019

What is Audio Dungeon?

Audio Dungeon is our brand of high nerding, involving table-top play and improv! As of start, Audio Dungeon hosts four shows. One legendary quest, and three fun mini games.

What is "Super Zeroes?"

Super Zeroes is a hilarious improv game where the crew role plays random, semi-useful superheroes in hopes of stopping that day's villain! It is always fun, and many times - unpredictable. 

What is "Escape the Dungeon?"

Escape the Dungeon is a difficult scenario that one person, either guest or crew, must endeavor to defeat or escape. The catch is, they are armed with one simple item and a magical bag of holding, containing random items, and places to hinder and help that week's escapist! This is our most action packed game.

What is "Riddles in the Dark?"

Riddles in the Dark is a Dungeons and Dragons, crack the case, mystery game where the crew can only ask yes or no questions to solve the riddle!

What is the name of the world?


What are the playable classes?

We are playing a custom modded d20 system, with the following classes: Fighter, Ranger, Wizard, Thief, Gunslinger, Bard.

What are the playable races?

Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Halflings, Half Giants, Gnomes.

Is there religion in the world of Andaria?

Yes, there are eight beings known as Ancients. They have incredible power, and at times, live amongst mortals. There is also the being who created them called, "Andar." 

Is magic common in the world?

Magic is common in cities that revere the Ancient, "The Archmage," as well as in everyday elven life style. Outside of those places, magic is feared or simply misunderstood.

Where are the clerics?

Clerics exist in Andaria, but are few and utilize the power of their Ancient. There are known to be less than a dozen in the world.

How big is Andaria?

Extremely vast. No one has mapped the entire world, as communication only goes so far. 

What is beyond the skies above Andaria?

Can't tell you :) But we can share this fact: Many citizen of Andaria spend their nights watching the dancing lights in the sky. 

What system are you playing?

A customized system that:

  1. has been tailored for faster live gameplay

  2. is closest to the 5th edition

  3. uses streamlined classes

  4. character strengths and weaknesses have been exploited

Are any Ancients good or bad?

Everyone fears the Queen and The Archmage because of how reckless they can be. The rest are not so emotionally driven.

Where does the story begin?

The story starts in the Sunken City- a city of great wealth and economic power, with no ties to any Ancients.

Can I try, or purchase your d20 system?

We are in development of this with no expected release, as of yet.

Are the crew friends outside of Audio Dungeon?

Absolutely! Many of us have been friends over 20 years! How else could we attain our natural chemistry???? :P

How long has Tony been Dungeon Mastering?

Since Tony learned the game at the age of 8, he has been world building, map drawing and puzzle designing!