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Enter the world of Andaria. 

A world where city states loyal to their gods, the ANCIENTS, fight for supremacy.

Thousands of years ago the Ancients fought one another and tore the world apart. Now, in current day, they threaten to do it again. Follow the life and possibly death of six individuals who are caught up in the early tide of war in this interactive improv story 


The Celestial War.

Who are the Ancients?


Bearing the names given to them by the mortals they created the Ancients are known as:

The Red Knight

The Queen

The Keeper

The Elven Lord

The Dwarven King

The ArchMage

The Collector

Who are the Heroes?

Hogar, Half Giant Ranger

Botaurius, Dwarven Fighter

Abyssia, Human Bard

Thistle, Halfling Thief

Finndelar, Elven Wizard

Arky, Gnomish Gunslinger

​How does the story begin?

Episode 1 " The Sunken City" showcases the mission of Hogar & Finndelar who arrive in The Sunken City to retrieve a rod for Finndelar's Wizard's Tower in the Elven Kingdom. When they arrive however, everything seems to fall apart and a simple mission turns into a great adventure.

How does Audio Dungeon Work?

The story created by Tony Hanson is played through by the six players.  As the story is always in motion and interactive not only with the players but with the audience as well, anything can happen. Join the crew every Wed at 8:30PM EST as they play the next exciting chapter of the adventure!