some call it 

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but to most...

There are tales of places where the Gods are out of reach, but here...that is not so. Eight Ancients rule the lands forever trapped in a stalemate of power, greed , love and hate.


Caught in the middle of it all are the mortals they created: elves, dwarves, humans, halflings, gnomes, orcs, giants and countless others. Some give their lives for the ancients, others try to be quiet or even completely out of sight.

Stories tell of a time when Ancients were made by one that can only be referred to as the Master of All, we refer to this creator as Andar. No parchment, nor story exists to tell more. In this time the Ancients would grow, learn and play. We refer to this time simply as the “Era of Andar”. 

We don’t know how many years have passed in that era, but what we do know would change the fate of the world forever.  The Ancients, like many young creatures, ceased their playing and turned to war. They fought bitterly as some siblings do.

Andar was displeased and appeared once more with a changing thought. In an instance The Ancient’s souls were pulled from their bodies into the crystal Opal. This would be their complete life force, the source of their power, and their single weakness. This crystal could be destroyed ...and for the first time, an ancient could die in any form.

The Ancients feeling themselves vulnerable, retreated for a time, hiding their soul crystals around Andaria. Most using a bit of their limited, but amazing, light of the crystal to create guardians and after a time from their layers started to breathe life into what we today call mortals. 

The Ancients didn’t have names but were named by the mortals they created for each of their personalities.

Civilization began and flourished. Ancients eventually grew bored and once again desired power. Dogma began, and it was vicious. The battle loomed for nearly 1,000 years ending with several alliances, but ultimately a great sacrifice by the Red Knight, who created a being above all else using much of his light. Dragons. 


This war drove mortals around the world and as it died into stalemate once again, many would settle where they were half way around Andaria.